Boric Acid Kills Fleas

Fleas live off pets and it’s usually the first place that you would detect its presence. Understandably, you would begin aggressive flea treatment on your pet in the hope that you can “get-rid” of these pesky little creatures totally. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you need to do much more than that to get rid of fleas. Treating your pets alone will not make your home flea free. You need to treat your whole house as well. Many have look upon this task to be simply “impossible”. How could you treat the whole house!
Indeed this is a daunting task and success involves not only a lot of hard work and perseverance, the choice of a suitable product is also very important. The best choice is to use a natural, low-toxicity insecticide. Many commercial flea sprays or powder contains highly toxic synthetic chemicals that may not be suitable for extensive use in the house.
Flea control with boric acid or borax is by far the safest, most effective and most commonly used method for getting rid of fleas in your home. In fact, boric acid or borax is the “secret ingredient” in most commercially available anti-flea products. Not only is it inexpensive, its effects can last for a prolonged period of time possibly up to a year. This makes it attractive compared to other chemical sprays where you would need to reapply after just a couple of months.
Boric acid or borax kills fleas by acting as a desiccant causing severe dehydration to them. Besides occasional reports of irritation to the skin, eyes or respiratory system in sensitive individuals, experts have declared boric acid or borax relatively safe for use.
The key to success with the use of boric acid or borax as a flea killer is proper application. Where the powder is applied is just as important as how it’s applied. Used correctly, Boric Acid or borax will produce results comparable to a professional exterminator.
To learn how to get rid of fleas with borax effectively, make sure that you check out Part 2 of this article “Flea control with borax” whereby step-by-step procedures will be given on the proper way to use boric acid or borax powder to effectively kill fleas in carpets, furniture and all areas of your home.

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