Frontline Flea and Ticks – Best Flea ticks Treatment Products

The makers of Frontline Flea and Tick are great marketing innovators, or if not they are advised by brilliant marketing tacticians. By making the family veterinarian the exclusive dispenser of the Frontline Flea and Tick, they have created an unquestionable degree of professionalism and excellence among their peers and consumers alike. They have become partners with the medical practitioners that are relied on for expert advice, hence inspiring consumer confidence.
Frontline Flea and Tick makers also indirectly shared product liability with the prescribing veterinarian. So in an unfortunate event of having one or two unsatisfied customers, the goodwill of the Frontline Flea and Tick product for dog is not easily tarnished. Another notable upshot of such strict professional policy is that it will lessen the incidence of animal maltreatment. A number of pet owners do without the advice of health professionals in treating their pets in an attempt to save on household expenses. They only rely on commercially available medications or treatments that may regrettably cause more harm than good.
Consumers need not be alarmed if they notice a seeming increase in the population of fleas and tick on their pets upon application of Frontline Flea and Tick. This is expected since the active ingredient is a neurotoxin which works by making the insects hyper excited thereby emerging to the animal’s top coat before dying. Another cause of concern is about Frontline Flea and Tick’s claim that their product has no expiration date. Is this really possible? Frontline Flea and Tick instructs its consumers to store the product at room temperature and keep the package sealed to maintain its effectiveness. But the active ingredient, Fipronil in Frontline Flea and Tick is only stable at normal temperatures for one year but not stable in the presence of metal ions and is prone to sunlight degradations. So this claim is still highly suspect.
The active ingredient in Frontline Flea and Tick control product is Fipronil. Fipronil is a broad spectrum insecticide, meaning it is effective in a wide variety of pests or insects. Note that most Frontline Flea and Tick products are both successful in eliminating not just fleas but also ticks, in contrast with other known brands that are insect or arachnid specific.
Frontline Flea and Tick can generally be applied at low to very low dose rates to achieve effective pest control. Such characteristic of Frontline Flea and Tick is highly beneficial especially to the environment. It is of course assumed that all chemical pesticide or herbicide is injurious to nature.
It seems that the only advantage of Frontline Flea and Tick is that it need not use more of this chemical in order to do its work, thereby reducing the creation of chemical waste products. Tests of Frontline Flea and Tick on human subjects were scarce but for those few tests that utilized human cells, no significant adverse effects were recorded. Still, Fipronil is classed as a moderately hazardous pesticide and is still highly toxic to some species of birds, fish and fauna. Again, toxicology studies and environmental cause and effect research are fairly limited and need to be pursued. For now, the benefits of using Frontline Flea and Tick products outweigh its dangers.

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