Introducing the Flea Collar

A flea collar is just a small device that is used to protect your pets from both fleas and ticks. A flea collar is a plastic strip mixed with insecticide and plastic resins. It is designed to project enough pesticide to take care of flea problems in a whole year. The flea collar is a part of effective home remedies for fleas.
To learn how to kill fleas effectively, you must make good use of the flea collar. The pesticide within the strip must be safe for skin contact with your pets, especially in a prolonged time. It must also be non-toxic whenever your pets decide to play and chew on it.
To get rid of fleas in the house means you have to start with your pets first using the flea collar. The fleas that “live off the land” lay their eggs on them. They can also find your pet’s throw rugs as an ideal place to hatch their eggs into its larvae form. In the course of their normal lifespan, which is nine whole months, two fleas alone can already boast of a million or more offspring. Think about what this can mean to your pets, and especially to your house itself. Fleas can cause your pets to scratch and bite themselves persistently. Their skin becomes soiled and irritated in the process. The need to control these pests is important. Flea control means destroying both larvae and adults with insecticide. You can deliver it through spray or dips. But if you want something more effective, then the flea collar is for you. It lasts long and easy to apply.
A flea collar is designed to give effective protection from parasitic infestations. This is achieved through its clever composition and components used. The most important aspect is the type of insecticide that used. The flea collar must kill fleas and ticks effectively without necessarily becoming toxic to the pets themselves. A flea collar must remain effective even when exposed to various environmental conditions. The flea collar must not have any significant taste and odor, and must not stain fur and other sensitive surfaces like carpets and other furniture.
The typical flea collar must be durable in composition because it is designed to be worn by pets for a long time. It can even last to a year. A flea collar is also categorized by the dose of the active ingredient present in it. Larger pet dogs normally require higher dosages, while cats obviously need less.
The flea collar is available in the market in a standard size, with a 0.375-inch width and a 0.125-inch thickness. You can purchase them at different lengths to fit different sizes. Some varieties of the flea collar are deliberately made slightly longer to allow pet owners to trim for a perfect fit using scissors. There are also varieties in flea collar designs where the insecticide used is delivered using either in a solid or in liquid form.
You can also use the flea collar by sticking it inside your normal vacuum cleaner. This will surely collect all those fleas especially their eggs hiding inside the vacuum after doing a thorough cleaning inside your home.

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