Nasty Flea Bites on Humans

Most flea bites on humans are hardly ever felt, but it leaves a very itchy red halo on one’s unprotected skin. Humans can be bitten by a variety of fleas namely the dog flea, cat flea, or the human flea. Oftentimes, flea bites on humans are harmless but of course, it depends on a person’s skin sensitivity. Sadly, children are observed to be the most prone victim of fleabites because their skin is more sensitive than adults.
The flea bites on humans are characterized by tiny bumps of red welts clumped together and scattered mostly on the lower limbs, the legs and feet respectively. These flea bites on humans are terribly itchy and this itchiness can last for agonizingly long hours. Unfortunately, children can not be expected to quietly endure their burning itch. They are likely to claw at their skin until it sometimes breaks from the applied pressure of scratching.
Prevention is always the better option when dealing with flea bites on humans, so that this infestation of flea bites on humans maybe reduced in the household. Groom house pets regularly and check their fur or coat for fleas. Clean and keep the pet corner tidy and free from clutter. Remember that fleas thrive on soiled beddings or blankets that are left lying around the pet area. Discard any unused articles that may house or trap flea eggs and cause flea bites on humans. Apply the necessary medications on your pets and sprays on your house and surrounding area to keep fleas from spreading and causing flea bites on humans.
Treat flea bites on humans by cleaning the affected area with a germicidal or antiseptic soap. If the flea bites on humans are angry, inflamed, and swollen, then apply a cold pack to offer some relief. In the case of itchiness, certain topical medications are available at the local pharmacy to soothe the affected skin area. Remember that flea eggs can survive for weeks hence it is necessary to repeat the process of scouring the possible breeding areas in the household to totally eliminate the probability of flea bites on humans. It is suggested that a professional pest controller be employed to better reinforce the flea eradication plan and put an end to flea bites on humans.
But flea bites on humans are not just skin deep. The physical scarring endured by its hapless victims, especially the female population, also brings with it a psychological disfigurement that can be quite difficult to overcome. These flea bites on humans may cause countless embarrassment to those who will bear the scars for the rest of their lives. The reluctance to wear fashionable clothes that might expose the traumatized skin and the general loss of one’s self-confidence are also counted as an unfortunate outcome of flea bites on humans. Beauty is a highly prized virtue and a universal measure of desirability. And one can not help but feel diminished on the outset when placed in such awkward situations.
Early on, parents are encouraged to do all they can in protecting their home from being invaded by these nasty fleas, so that their children will never have to face the humiliation of bearing the scars of flea bites on humans.

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